Blockchain Consulting Services, Blockchain Advisory, Public Speaking engagements.


BChain New Zealand specialises in Blockchain Consulting Services, Blockchain Solutions, Blockchain Advisory Services, and Public Speaking engagements.

Blockchain Consulting & Solutions

BChain works alongside most of New Zealand's Blockchain start-up companies in various capacities. In some cases, consulting directly to them on options for their Blockchain products and services, while in other cases consulting with the clients of Blockchain solutions companies.

With the backing of these powerful Blockchain alliances, we also work directly with organisations planning Blockchain solutions and implementations, by educating and guiding them on their Blockchain journey.

We can work alongside your existing IT team, or drive the entire process start to finish, from project planning and design, through to development, implementation and support.

Blockchain Advisory

With more than 20 years of experience across a multitude of industries around the globe, and our existing local blockchain industry partnerships, BChain is uniquely positioned in the market to offer an unbiased "perfect fit" solution regardless of your needs.

Whether your need is for blockchain advisory services for your company exploring the use and benefits of this technology to streamline existing processes, or a Blockchain product or service related start-up company, we can help.

We can help with blockchain design, blockchain development, smart contract development, decentralised application (DAPP) development, and more.

Speaking Engagements

We thrive on enabling businesses, organisations, and individuals educating themselves, their staff, and students. If you need a guest speaker at an event, seminar, or education session related to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, or the digital evolution, contact us.

We can target the talk at any level relevant to your needs, whether that be the very basics of the technology, or an in depth technical discussion.

Our passion for Blockchain technology is based on a belief that we are part of a paradigm shift unfolding increasingly quickly around us. Soon, Blockchain will not only change how business and finance operate, but will also aid in humanity's constant push towards a truly decentralised data structure.


Our team is growing! If your passion is Blockchain, and you have a skill that can add value to our customers, give us a shout. We'd love to chat!

Duwane de Coning - Blockchain Technology Consultant

Duwane de Coning

Blockchain Technology Consultant

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BChain has built strategic partnerships with some of New Zealand's best and brightest Blockchain solutions companies and organisations. These partnerships enable us to offer complete Blockchain solutions encompassing all Blockchain related services right from initial consultation, through development, and post implementation support. Links to some of our valued partners can be found below:

Blockbit Solutions
Blockchain Association of New Zealand

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